Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lanvin Is My Man

As the name of my blog presumably suggests, I am for than a bit infatuated by the colossal fashion house of Lanvin, currently run by the genius Alber Elbaz. Consistently, season after season he produces the most sumptuous, creative and inspired collections that one can do nothing but drool over.
I must admit that his current S/S '11 collection for the house if one of my favourites, from the shoes to the jewels, to the elegant draping that Elbaz has made his own. A collusion of Grecian warrior princess, urban career girl and a St Tropez 'oh but I never set a foot off my yacht' heiress, the designer also uses innovative fabrics (a silk and neoprene dress anyone?), cut and accessories to fulfill the evolution that fashion demands, whilst remaining faithful the Jeanne Lanvin's heritage of luscious materials and embellishment. Elbaz's use of colour in this collection is also something to dream about...deep, almost burgundy reds, sumptuous, regal purples, mustard, turquoise... and then a sudden flash of neon to juxtapose an otherwise timeless collection.
This is a design house that makes imitation on the high street almost impossible, as Lanvin's raison d'etre is discreet luxuriousness (an oxymoron perhaps?), something that you only get after over a century of being a Parisian couturier. However, help is at hand for us Lanvin addicts; in November Elbaz is collaborating with H&M, to form a high street collection that is sure to be incredible. The 'Lanvin for H&M' fashion show is revealed on the 2nd November... I am so excited!

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Winter List...

In the last few weeks since my last post, it has suddenly become incredibly cold. As a self proclaimed coward when it comes to a bit of frost- one of my biggest fashion regrets it that I ruin almost every outfit by piling layers of jumpers and coats on top- I have compiled a shopping list of those items that will make my winter wardrobe both warm and, as crucially as ever, stylish.

Firstly, a great pair of over- the- knee boots, flat soled and suede, that I can just cram full of cashmere socks and leg warmers without anyone being any the wiser. I have been drawn to this style of boot since the Blake Lively's turn in them in Gossip Girl... although minus the slutty school girl undertones. Flat, in a mushroom or khaki colour and worn with jeans or leggings, would negate the fact that these are essentially thigh high boots (and connotations of streetwalkers spring to mind...) and therefore render them perfect for casual use.

Secondly, ever since the first Ralph Lauren A/W '10 adverts premièred in about March, I have been obsessed by this tasselled woollen hat, worn with tumbled waves of hair that looks both 7os and slightly elfin at the same time. And also very very warm. I would very much like to hunt a similar one down on the highstreet... and perhaps in grey wool?

And lastly, I offer a subject that is of slight controvsy: fur. In today's world one does not have to slaughter animals for warmth, and despite faux furs slightly declassé image in the past few decades, it has been making a virulent come back recently. And if it's good enough for Karl Lagerfeld, its good enough for me! Currently, I'm torn between a shaggy fur waistcoat, to be worn belted and with bare arms like the Vogue Paris girls, or an all enveloping fur coat of about thigh length, which will truly protect me from these cold winter nights. However, with my propensity for sensitiveness to the cold, it'll probably be the latter.