Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Surprise Dilemma

Issue 1: What to wear to a 'surprise' event when told, in the typical male fashion, to look 'nice'?

Issue 2: So, just how nice is nice?! Are we talking cocktail dresses and 5 inch heels or (I loathe this term) 'smart casual'?

Issue 3: Location- outside or inside? Adequate central heating to render an outer layer negligible, or should one expect the worst Arctic conditions? (And to this point, should I take a larger bag in which to place said cover- up, in case there's no where else to put it?)

Issue 4: What will everyone else be wearing? I am no means a sheep, but turning up in cowboy boots when everyone else is in heels? It's just an annoying loss of the chance to dress up!

Although this unknown event has made me quite speechless with excitement, tonight is going to be a long evening of ransacking my wardrobe to find the perfect solution to my sartorial issues. One thing is for certain: red lips and rails are a must, a la Chanel!
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Monday, 8 November 2010

Style Icons: Scott Schuman

The other half of previous ‘icon’ Garance Dore, I actually discovered Scott Schuman’s ‘The Sartorialist’ before I found Garance. I was first captivated by his simple, beautiful street photography that does not discriminate between the personal style, age or creativity of the people he shoots. In addition to this Schuman also adheres to the now somewhat forgotten charms of being a true ‘gentleman’; as well as being depicted in the perfectly cut suits and stylish neck ties documented in The Sartorialist, this is more so shown in his prevalent attitude towards style which both follows and breaks tradition, his respect for women, and traditional sartorial crafts such as tailors.

Famous for documenting not only the street scenes at every fashion week but every style maverick who crosses his path, Schuman portrays both high fashion and individual creativity; by taking samples from around the world he illustrates the impact fashion has on everyday life across the globe. In addition to this he shows that a sense of style has importance and purpose in whichever walk of life you’re from: witness the colour coordinating tramp from New York and the casual street sweepers in Milan. Schuman’s sartorial analysis is often shown on the male outfits, through his explanations of how and why the tailoring on a certain piece works; I now know the ideal shirt sleeve length and how Italians cut their jackets to make them look slimmer. This emphasis on male style has only increased my interest in menswear, resulting in a frantic following of Pitti Uomo and the menswear shows almost as much as the female equivalents, as well as absorbing my boyfriend’s Esquire almost before he does.

From the Tuileries to Ipanena beach, Schuman is the name to follow for everyone with the slightest interest in fashion, menswear or photography. Young or old, fashion forward or individual, the subjects and style of his photographs has the ability to inspire; nothing less could be said about the man himself.

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