Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christopher Kane S/S 2012

My favourite of the London collections so far. Just look at the way Christopher Kane has cut and embellished each piece so that their structured, heavy weights catalyse the movement of the cloth. The layered organza flowers also added a 3D dimension to the embellishment; the way the light hits the cloth wavers and transforms the shapes, ultimately creating decoration by way of optical illusion. Is Kane one of- if not the- best designers of the moment? Watch this space.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Today's Outfit...

(Shirt- Stolen from mother; Cami- A charity shop; Khaki skinnies- Zara; Boots- River Island; Jewellery- A selection)

Apologies for my lack of posts! I have only just returned from an amazingly blissful week in France- du pain, du vin, de l'amour... a truly lovely last holiday of the summer. But now I'm running around rainy England endeavouring to collect together everything I will need for my first term at university! Who knew saucepans and wooden spoons could be so exciting? In sadness I had to put away the sun dresses and denim cut-offs that were my uniform in France, and dress with a little more concern for the elements- cue my mother's positively toasty flannel shirt and my new Chelsea boots to splash through the puddles with!

I returned to find that Autumn well and truly has England in her grip, something that provokes mixed emotions for me. As much as I love long evenings snuggled beside a fire, and that crisp, biting chill that's so wonderful about the Winter seasons, the lack of sun and constant rain are a definite downside. However, the approaching cold does allow me to partake in one of my favourite past times- hunting down the perfect winter coat. Stay tuned for more!