Saturday, 31 December 2011

I Want...

I have many obsessions that come and go. Brogues. Shorts. Blazers, breton, bangles. My silver 'Amy' necklace that I wear as a nod to Carrie's ubiquitous gold version in Sex and the City. In fact, all those listed above are all things that I'm currently infatuated with, and funnily enough I can barely remember all those trends that I wore to the death in earlier days. Such is the nature of fashion, I suppose. However, I've recently become ridiculously obsessed with the jeweller Tom Binns, a fascination that is not going to go anywhere soon. He first appeared on my radar in perhaps 2008, with those inimitable zip earrings, but although I loved them then, at the tender age of 15 I was slightly scared off by the overtly punk image, S&M references and the 100 pounds + price tag.

However, four years on I've rediscovered Tom Binns and have fallen- completely, utterly and inimically- in love with his designs. The famous zip earrings I still covet, despite them being even more provocative now, and his pearl, diamond and safety pin chandelier versions from the 'Passive Attack' collection are objects of de-constructed beauty. His current collection features heavy, statement necklaces with flashes of neon perfect for pairing with that casual grey marl t- shirt, proving that the Irish designer has British punky edge down to perfection. I continue to be obsessed.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Winter Beauty Trends

The days may be getting chillier, the evenings may be getting darker, your toes may be turning blue in those hastily chosen ballet pumps, but this is not the time to cave to those hibernation longings. Instead, turn up the drama on winter days by experimenting with this season’s key beauty trends.

1) Knife- edge cats’ eyes. A little bit futuristic. A little bit deadly. And a whole lot of sexy. This look takes the standard liner flick and maximises it by a thousand. Take a well loaded liquid eyeliner brush and make sure the line is thick, strong and smooth…this is a look not interrupted by softening eye shadow or khol.

(Gianfranco Ferre)

2) The ponytail. As seen at Proenza Schouler and Dries Van Noten, this is no ordinary gym or face washing ponytail. One of the key looks of the season, it should either be slicked back and held high on the top of the head, or coquettishly teased and back brushed, sitting on the back of the neck.

(Dries Van Noten)

3) Scarlet lips. Whilst being timeless beauty essential, this season the perfect red pout must be revved up with a bright, but slightly gothic shade of scarlet, to lend nicely to the fetish trend. Topped off with a slick of Lipcote to keep it perfect, of course. I suggest ‘Scream’ by Rimmel.


4) 60’s eyes. Inspired, naturally, by the 60’s trend that is everywhere this winter. Pair your teddy boy coat, patent brogues and mini-skirt with khol- etched, smouldering eyes. The key to this trend is to define the crease of the eye socket with either khol, powder or liquid eyeliner, depending on how sharp you want the eye to look. You’ll be looking like Jean Shrimpton in no time.


5) Jewel nails. Another trend inspired by the catwalks, this involves nothing but a sweep of the deepest, richest, shiniest nail varnish you can find. By far the simplest beauty feature to master, this will have you looking like you stepped off the Lanvin runway in no time. I suggest ‘Aruba Blue’ and ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ by Essie for your jewel fix.

('Scarlett O'Hara', Essie)

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christopher Kane S/S 2012

My favourite of the London collections so far. Just look at the way Christopher Kane has cut and embellished each piece so that their structured, heavy weights catalyse the movement of the cloth. The layered organza flowers also added a 3D dimension to the embellishment; the way the light hits the cloth wavers and transforms the shapes, ultimately creating decoration by way of optical illusion. Is Kane one of- if not the- best designers of the moment? Watch this space.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Today's Outfit...

(Shirt- Stolen from mother; Cami- A charity shop; Khaki skinnies- Zara; Boots- River Island; Jewellery- A selection)

Apologies for my lack of posts! I have only just returned from an amazingly blissful week in France- du pain, du vin, de l'amour... a truly lovely last holiday of the summer. But now I'm running around rainy England endeavouring to collect together everything I will need for my first term at university! Who knew saucepans and wooden spoons could be so exciting? In sadness I had to put away the sun dresses and denim cut-offs that were my uniform in France, and dress with a little more concern for the elements- cue my mother's positively toasty flannel shirt and my new Chelsea boots to splash through the puddles with!

I returned to find that Autumn well and truly has England in her grip, something that provokes mixed emotions for me. As much as I love long evenings snuggled beside a fire, and that crisp, biting chill that's so wonderful about the Winter seasons, the lack of sun and constant rain are a definite downside. However, the approaching cold does allow me to partake in one of my favourite past times- hunting down the perfect winter coat. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Haul: A Celebration

After months of nervous waiting and anticipation, results day finally arrived last Thursday... and I'm going to university! This shopping trip had been decided upon weeks before results; just me (I always prefer shopping alone), my shopping list and my credit card, to either celebrate or commiserate... and this is the result.

(Vintage bag- found in a charity shop window on the day of the results. I was drawn to the Art Deco- style clasp and the vibrant orange faux snakeskin. This bag is divine.)

(Chelsea Boots- River Island. My perfect 60's boots, that I have been lusting over for many weeks! They bring a rock & roll edge to every outfit I pair them with; sublimely cool!)

(The shiny-but yet-matte black skinnys that I've been wanting for ages- H&M. They're ideal turned slightly up for a flash of ankle.)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Today's Outfit...

It's a little cold and rainy today, so I've wrapped myself up in fabric and snuggled down with plenty of books and magazines. What am I reading? I'm alternating between Fitzgerald's 'Tender Is The Night', the hilarious 'Love In A Cold Climate' by Nancy Mitford and, of course, Vogue.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Big Four

I don't know whether it's the grey clouds and perpetual rain outside, or the fact that my house is simply freezing, but I have started to revisit February's A/W 2011 collections to decide on which looks to recreate next season. The vibrant colour blocking, straw hats and breezy white linen dresses that are currently ubiquitous in my wardrobe are going to be exchanged soon for a new palette, changing silhouettes and the emulation of different eras. And, not to be forgotten, the A/W collections usually include lust-worthy fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, leather and fur (faux, please), that just feel so much more sumptuous and glamorous than plain cotton/linen summer dresses. Oh how I love the anticipation of a coming season, when everything seems new, fresh and inspiring, and the shops are not saturated to boredom point with the season's main trends.
First up: Red Red Red!
The colour that will be everywhere next season is a deep cerise, seen on everything from coats (Alberta Ferretti) to cocktail dresses (Lanvin, of course). As this happens to be my favourite colour, the one that suits my dark hair/pale skin complexion the best, the colour of the poppies on the desk in front of me and the colour of my favourite winter coat, I couldn't be happier. Red is the very opposite to those virginal white dresses we've been wearing all summer; it's synonymous with love, passion, anger, lust and wrath... nothing better to liven up these dreary July days.
(Top Row: Lanvin. Bottom Row: Betty Jackson, Rodarte)
And as for the other colours? Think jewels, darling. Think Sapphires, Emeralds and Jacinths, as well as Garnets, Opals and Onyxes. Use Lanvin's A/W 2011 show as your starting point (actually, this should always happen), and grab your cocktail dress, work those supersize jewels and storm your colourful way through Autumn's puddles.
(Marc by Marc Jacobs, Preen. Aren't these colours just divine?)
Secondly: Back to the Sixties, baby!
As dedicated followers of fashion that I assume you, dear reader, are, in the past few months you will have worn palazzo pants, floppy hats, wedges, flared jumpsuits and other 70's paraphernalia to death. Having indulged in the outre luxury of this era- the silky fabrics, the expressive silhouette and the bohemian excess of all those palazzo pants and floppy hats- next season is set to become a whole lot cooler. (Pun definitely intended.) Yes, the Mods are back with a vengeance. Shifts will be shorter, shoes will be more mannish (opt for a chunky brogue or Chelsea boot for the new season's edge now) and eye-liner will definitely be heavier.
About a week ago in Italy- more of that to come!- I picked up the August edition of Italian Vogue that features one of the best shoots I've ever seen... I love, love, love it! Sara Maino really evokes the defiant spirit of the Mods, with Jean Shrimpton hair, heavily kholed eyes and boys decked out in Fred Perry; all photographed on what looks like Brighton beach. Shot in black and white, the 60s silhouettes of shift dresses, pea coats, mannish tailoring and skinny legs are perfectly balanced with the edge of the modern clothes; this is Mary Quant redone by Christopher Bailey.
Next up: Mixin' in up!
The coming season is all about the details, the textures, the fabrics. Fur collars need to be mixed with tweed, sequins with leather. And then the fur with the leather and the sequins with the tweed. Big knits, embroidered capes and belted waistcoats should be thrown together with aplomb, hopefully (maybe not those last three examples) creating that je ne sais quoi that makes the perfect outfit. This trend is about the layering of fabrics- bouclé wool, tweed, fur, suede, leather- clashing prints, like at Jonathan Saunders, and mixing up your outfit to make it that much more interesting.
A simple take on the trend is to take a leather (panelled, if you're nervous) pencil skirt or pair of shorts and pairing it with a chunky, oversized knit. Alternatively you can pair a slinky sequinned dress with a large parka for a nod to the 90's grunge look, or a some cropped tweed trousers with a belted fur waistcoat. Be brave!
(Tory Burch and Balmain)
And lastly: New season, new skirts.
Unless you're working the 60's shift this coming season, hemlines for everything else are on the way down. Despite being an 18 year old girl who should be welded to her mini, I'm in love with this trend! At the moment my burgundy pleated midi never really leaves my side; whenever it does my maxi dresses are the pieces that usually take its place. The below-the-knee pencil skirt is my own personal challenge, however; usually dowdy or the haunt of middle aged office workers, they can be seen next season in every colour, print and fabric under the sun. With a chunky knit on the top-half (you may have guessed at this point that I'm a little obsessed with big knits...) and Spats or other mannish brogues on your feet, I'm envisioning them as very cool indeed- with not a water cooler in sight.
(My pick of the best from the monochrome houndstooth check is just a little sixties, no? And tartan was everywhere in the shows, from Chanel to Daks.)
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My newest obsession...

Diane Von Furstenburg for H. Stern jewellery. Just look at it. Gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones are brought together in charming love knots, sweet charm bracelets, and delicate pendants, to make a collection that is infinitely covetable. The collection, now in its sixth season, is wrought as large, statement pieces that embody DVF's mantra: of innate womanly elegance with a steely, independent core lying underneath. These are pieces that you'd buy for yourself, because you love them, because you need them, and because you don't need a man to buy them for you. Perfect for us independent women*.

(Perhaps my favourite piece from the collection- although it's so hard to choose. I just love the thought of this dangling elegantly on my wrist, a delicate statement that would be delicious paired with either a cocktail dress or one of those silk Equipment shirts that I'm also lusting over. In classic cream or dark red, please.)

* If we can afford them, which, in my case, would be a no. Drat.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Today's Outfit...

(A Topshop skirt, a stack of bangles and vintage top, belt and headscarf. Plus bare feet to run barefoot through the summer grass)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Little Grace, A Little Arizona, and A Lot of Vogue!

(The fur collars, cashmere coats and muted autumnal colours of the shoot were lifted from the Dior A/W '11 show, image from

In my 18 years of (limited) experience, I have come to realise that opportunities are similar to those forever- clichéd buses: you have to wait ages for one, but then they all come along at once. Despite the fact that I'm a 'get out and grab 'em' kind of girl when it comes to opportunities- I am a strong believer in Thomas Jefferson's observation that "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have"- this week's developments definitely show that, sometimes, all the opportunities have come at once. Maybe after a run of unfortunate developments, in this case terrible exams and unsuccessful job interviews, luck, kismet , karma- whatever you like to call it- is finally on my side.

Picture the scene: a bland Thursday night at home. I've spent the best part of the afternoon and evening in my best non- fashion clothes (I won't describe them; they're too awful) and have occupied myself with scrubbing my skirting boards and shifting furniture, in an attempt to style my room along the lines of, the blog that I'm currently obsessed with.

The phone rings. It's Johnny, the husband of the woman I do work experience with (more about that to come!), who works as a location manager. He's had a last minute request from American Vogue to do a 'Warhorse' inspired shoot on the moors, directed and styled by the one and only Grace Coddington. Good enough to remember that I'm an aspiring fashion journalist, he asks me if I'd like to go along. My reaction? It involved shortened breath, a choking action and barely suppressed screams of excitement. Okay, so my screams weren't suppressed for long; as soon as I had hung up I sprinted around the house, literally jumping up and down with excitement. I was going to a Vogue shoot. VOGUE. With Grace Coddington and her assistants and wardrobe and undoubtedly famous fashion photographer; all my luck had suddenly and unexpectedly come in one giant Vogue windfall, and I don't think I've ever been happier.

(The one and only Grace Coddington, image from

So the first question that immediately sprang to mind was, of course, what on earth do I wear to a Vogue shoot? With Grace Coddington, of all people! She's just one step down from the Empress of Fashion, Anna Wintour! I immediately discounted my entire wardrobe; none of it was good enough, none of it would do. Had I not thought and planned for this possibility my entire life? Why had I not planned, bought, washed and ironed my perfect outfit for my first Vogue shoot? With these questions racing around my head, I contemplated the obvious criteria that my outfit would have to cater for.

1) It was a stormy night, and looked to be just as wet the next day. The shoot was going to be somewhere on the moor, meaning that Wellies and something at least slightly waterproof would have to be brought into the equation.

2) On the other side of the coin, there was the possibility that the weather might become scorchingly hot later in the day, meaning that trousers and a waterproof would be exceptionally uncomfortable, as well as looking rather silly.

3) This was a Vogue shoot, for goodness sake. With Grace Coddington. I had to be dressed to impress, to stand out from the crowd. In my imagination (usually wild, it has to be said) I saw her see me and my wonderfully chic, stylish outfit (as yet not found) and say 'Who is that girl? She is so put- together, so sartorially correct for a day on the rainy/boiling moors, I must employ her immediately!'

In the end I rejected the maxi and midi skirts, the jeans (Voguettes surely don't wear jeans), the chinos and the colour- blocked dress, and settled on my new Topshop high- waisted shorts, paired neatly with a Breton top, under which the polka- dot collar and cuffs of a shirt peeked through. I accesorized with a simple brown leather belt, brogues and a pink silk headscarf, with my Wellies and trench coat to be kept in Johnny's car for rainy emergencies. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't the best outfit; when I got to the shoot everyone was indeed wearing jeans, cashmere knits, and giant, grungy parkas or leather jackets. Ah well, at least I didn't go for that dress.

The day of the shoot dawned with a weak sun trying to force his way through the clouds. I can't say I had the best night's sleep, as I was literally trembling with excitement and adrenaline for the coming day. Grace Coddington's fiery red hair lit up the tumble-down, definitely unglamorous, outbuildings of the old farmhouse, where the first location was, I had my first taste of life in a fashion magazine. They were shooting Arizona Muse (isn't that the most incredible name for a model?) in exquisitely cut and tailored Dior; in the wardrobe department there were also sublime McQueen dressses and fetish harnesses, a Dior cape in green wool, Louis Vuitton fetish heels, numerous Rick Owens leather jackets, divine Ann Demeulemeester deconstructed blazers, Marc Jacobs polka- dot pencil skirts.... I was in fashion nirvana, drooling over all of the clothes.

(The Dior cape)

(The McQueen fetish harness)

(The McQueen dress, from

(Mmm Rick Owens' leathers)

Sadly, I didn't get to see Grace Coddington scattering her fashion magic over the clothes, making them into heavenly outfits. The shoot was mostly a closed set, meaning that nosy, jobless bystanders- such as myself- were kept well out of the way. Instead, I spent most of my time helping out the location manager with such things as finding a leaf blower to beg, borrow or steal, as Grace requested a wind machine, pestering the stylist's assistant with numerous questions about how she got her job, and hanging out with a certain Jeremy Irvine. The star of Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's classic 'Warhorse' is resolutely normal, having just been plucked out of the stage school black hole to become The Next Big Thing, and is in fact simply lovely. He and I also proved extremely bad on a Scrabble team together- apparently he is dyslexic, but really, with this blog and an upcoming degree in English, I have no excuse! Also just lovely is Arizona Muse, who I was infinitely star struck by, having followed her career develop to new highs for many months now. She is gorgeous. The simple epitome of beautiful: razor sharp cheekbones, a high brow, bow shaped lips and the clearest of eyes. When she introduced herself to me I believe I forgot my own name for quite a minute. We discussed things such as her son, the benefits of country living vs. living in the city and the joys of Paris. Arizona, as well as the rest of the American Vogue team, had come directly from the last of the Paris Couture Shows; this knowledge, that they had been at the couture shows- or in Arizona's case, in them- that I had so greedily consumed on just a few days earlier, made me quite giddy with excitement.

So my day with Vogue continued, as I ran errands, chatted with Jeremy and asked absolutely everyone how they got their jobs. Unfortunately the introduction with Grace never emerged; she had her hands full with her day job styling one of the world's top models, and the handsome, up and coming young film star. But this despite this, the very fact that I was in the same room (marquee, courtyard, field, whatever) as Grace Coddington, watching her work, aged 18, has to be the greatest opportunity of my life. I was surrounded by the clothes, shoes and accessories that I drool over daily, had a chat with Arizona Muse, spent the afternoon with Jeremy Irvine and experienced the world that I love and dearly hope to be part of in a few years; all in all, the luckiest day of my life.

(The lovely Jeremy Irvine, image from

(The infeasibly gorgeous Arizona, image from

Actually, scrap that. I've just been to my first Vogue shoot. I am part of that world!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Don't Look Back Into The Sun

Yikes. So much has happened since my last real blog post! The last six months have both concluded the last fourteen years of school and (hopefully) opened the door to the next chapter of my life. It's safe to say that, for me at least, exam season is not conducive to great fashion, hence my recent absence from this blog! But now that exams, stress, school and homework are truly over forever, and I only have the long, hot and sultry summer to look forward to, it's time to make my return to my two true loves: beauty and style, in whichever forms that they take.

Here are some of the few fashion snippets that have marked the end of the schoolgirl era.

(Propping up the drinks table on the Leavers 'Prom' Night- Blue French Connection cocktail dress)

(Wearing an Olive shirt and Topshop shorts at the Leavers' Awards Ceremony- yes I won something!)

(From the impromptu road trip my boyfriend whisked me off on the day after my last exam, to de- stress!)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Another music post I'm afraid...

I've been pretty much listening to this album on repeat for the last couple of days, and 'Mermaid' has become my newest obsession. Perfect if you like your music trance- y, with complex bass and rhythms woven in.

Turn it up LOUD and dance your feet off, that's my advice.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

We Were Children

My favourite song at the moment. It's videos like this that make me crave summer festivals, listening to bands in the open air and want to live in Camden.

His voice is oh so beautiful.

p.s. Back SOON with fashion related thingamajigs!

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Best Video Around...

Firstly, a big apology for my (too) lengthy absence, things are rather hectic at the moment and I've barely had time to breath since my last post! But in the time since then I have:
  • Sat two exams, one good, one absolutely disastrous
  • Turned 18, and everything that goes with that little milestone!
  • Started to design/ plan my own handmade leather bag, a birthday present from my parents
  • Had an incredible weekend in London with my boyfriend, and went to a mini- festival at the Forum
  • Become incredibly obsessed with Sex and the City, another present!
  • Decided which university I will (hopefully!) be attending next year
  • And also, I've started taking Ballet classes again, after almost two years of nothing; before that I was dancing for hours each week from the age of 5!
Most importantly, in terms of fashion, I have several exciting new additions to my wardrobe! Unfortunately, I have also broken the camera that would allow you all to see said new outfits, so instead I'm giving you the best (forget Gaga!) video around at the moment... enjoy!


Video from, courtesy of the great Tommy Ton!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shoes, competitions and a little writing!

A few days ago I came across a competition on , a site I frequent almost as much as LookBook for its collection of stylish, creative, fashion people. I think I will always have this obsession with what other people, strangers on the street, are wearing; for outfit ideas as well as out of plain curiosity. Anyway, this is my entry to the sites competition to guest edit's new quarterly E-zine; as well as this you win $250 worth of shoes and a feature in Nylon magazine. Although the number of entries is of course massive, I thought that the opportunity the competition offers slightly outweighed this tiny fact!

"After years of endeavour to pin down my own precise style, I’ve decided that the key to my look is ambiguity; the ability to create individual outfits that can showcase the latest trends and quirks of fashion, without being inhibited by my own particular leanings. I am incredibly decisive when it comes to clothes and styling, ruthlessly so. I think this comes from the combination of high standards and a low budget; if a possible purchase does not immediately draw me in, or stimulate me to imagine numerous outfits, it is discarded. When creating outfits, I look for a certain symmetry in the clothes; that ‘je ne said quoi’ that makes the perfect ensemble. For me, this is an intriguing task that takes in colour combinations, the matching (or clashing) of prints, the cut of the clothes- and something else, something indescribable. The perfection of symmetry, of whichever kind, is what draws me to editing; the layout of a page, the bringing together of articles and themes and the creation of a fashion spread are what I find most interesting.

I am inspired by a mélange of things, for example by a designer’s collection, through art or literature, or by the outfits I see on the street. This season (Spring/Summer ’11) I love Chloé’s ballet inspired collection (must get my hands on pleated, chiffon, maxi skirt!), the warrior-women touches at Lanvin, the use of colour at both Jil Sander and Prada, and Richard Nicoll’s sheer layering. As a Brit, I am very proud of the design talent in this country: for seasons Erdem’s prints have made me swoon, and I feel that the ultra-modern allure of Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane bring an air of refreshment next to the well- established fashion houses. That said, Lanvin and its creative director Alber Elbaz has long been an inspiration for me; every six months he reveals a collection to die for, débuting innovative cuts and fabrics whilst staying faithful to the legacy of Jeanne Lanvin. As for shoes, I am seduced by both the practical and the sublime- Roger Vivier and Lara Bohinic for dramatic glamour, and the ‘Nella’ by Blowfish, for a more casual, ballet- inspired style.

As a fashion editor, I would have access to this world of history, innovation and constant change. Setting trends, pushing boundaries, inspiring others and creating new fashion ideals- that is what I aspire to be. I equally inspired by great writers- Lisa Armstrong, Colin McDowell- as I am by stylists such Emmanuelle Alt and Grace Coddington. I love how ever changing and developing fashion is, from the haute couturiers to the high street, providing me with intrigue, discovery and endless means for creativity, season after season. In the words of the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld: “I have no idea of the future - never, ever. That's what I like about fashion. It's paradise now.” "

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve

My New Year's was just a quiet one, but it has been one of the best: someone special, lots of champagne, chocolate and kisses at midnight... I am very much looking forward to what 2011 will bring!

New Year, New You

Or so the tired cliché goes. But we all know that, in reality, the January detox will succumb to that last tray of mince pies; the exercise resolution will be called off (although you promise yourself temporarily) in a deluge of rain showers; and the commitments to stop smoking, be nicer to people, work harder, love better, will all disappear in the grey winter light. It is just another month, after all.

However, there is something more positive that you can do to you give yourself a sense of purpose and direction, to navigate your way through the monotony of daily life, if you will. I propose writing a 2011 'To Do List"; a checklist for all those dreams and aspirations that you feel absolutely should be achieved in the coming year. For me, a list that encapsulates the entire year is just another step up from the ones I jot down everywhere: work lists, present lists, shopping lists, ideas lists... it's immensely satisfying to cross something off a list, knowing that that one more thing, however tiny, has been accomplished.

My To Do List, carefully noted down in my brand new Moleskine: it deals with dreams, wants and absolute must haves. To achieve everything I want to achieve in 2011 is a big ask- the list is long and far from exhaustive. It ricochets from the very personal to the extremely banal, the exciting to the inevitable; however, as I carefully check every last thing off my (very long) list throughout the coming year, I know I am heading where I want to go.