Friday, 10 December 2010

Asos Finds and a Few New Outfits

Asos has long been on my radar for it's eclectic mix of inexpensive goodies and designer finds, epitomised by the contrast of a £5 stack of bangles and a £1,700 vintage Chanel bag. However, despite browsing (and buying from it) frequently, I had never before stumbled upon the Asos own brand collections, namely the Black, White, Reclaimed and Revived labels. And what a surprise I had! An achingly dull History session for livened up spectacularly by the cashmere/ wool mix draping of the White collection, the delicate satin lace slips from Revive and the utilitarian sexy/cool vibe of the Reclaimed section.

I'm particularly lusting over the styling of 'Asos Reclaimed' collection; baggy combats combined with studded belts and louche knits, which, when worn with sky high black boots and edgy gold jewellery- think Tom Binns or Daisy Knights- inject a sexy insouciance which definitely isn't tomboy.

Furthermore, the 20s theme of the Black collection made me drool, with it's use of velvets, bugle beads and gauzy transparent ruffles. I have always longed for a vintage flapper dress with Art Deco embellishment and a fringed hem, to Charleston the night away with a boy in jazz shoes. Secretly, I am rather infatuated with those long cigarette holders, again influenced by the 'Great Gatsby' socialites, as well as the eponymous image of Audrey Hepburn elegantly dangling a holder from her be-gloved fingers (said picture may or may not be hanging on my bedroom wall at this precise moment...).
Now is the point to say that I'd never, ever smoke, because of the blatantly obvious reasons... but really, I'm yearning to be able to learn over towards a man, smiling seductively with my Rouge Noir lips and nonchalantly playing with an ebony- and- silver cigarette holder, whilst he falls in love with me (because of my sparkling wit and intelligent conversation, obviously…). Ahh well, a girl can dream! But one thing is certain: the Black collection has dresses to partly facilitate that dream, most notably this gorgeous golden beaded piece. Not exactly a flapper dress, but the beading and bias cut nudge it into that genre whilst the halter neck and backless features make it a more modern update.

And finally, to complete this Asos love- in, I give you two items that would be just perfect when styled together; I'm thinking paired with some thick, cashmere over- the- knee- socks (for these, it has to be Toast) and brown suede heeled boots. The juxtaposition of the silken slip and the cashmere/wool/ suede gives the outfit a cosy, yet stylish, feel and the muted autumnal colours (grey, green, ombre) renders it ideal for the current season.

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