Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London In A Nutshell: Louise Gray Autumn/ Winter 2013


          A cacophony of abstracted prints, with just a hint of the uptight secretary; Louise Gray’s Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection ‘Hey Crazy’ was East meets West: London in a decorative nutshell. Drawn together by the repeating motif ‘Tube Map,’ the collection was a celebration of print, vibrant colour and a certain idiosyncratic ‘joie de vivre’ that only comes from living in London. Prim and proper librarian met East End cool with a large dash of humour, irreverence and impeccable tailoring; the very best of London, you could say.

      East was found in the dynamic, vaguely African-esque prints, mohair jumpers and eclectic recycled accessories and embellishments, which were strongly reminiscent of the 80s punk designers Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg, who Louise Gray undoubtedly owes a lot to.

        West in the buttoned up blouses, princess coats and strong tailoring that underpins the collection; jacquard fabrics pinned and cut just so to create mini peplums and decisive trouser and skirt suits. “I’ve found a confidence in tailoring, and it’s exactly what I want to wear right now,” said Gray in her show notes.

       However, despite this newfound confidence, there was no getting away from the ‘Hey Crazy’ theme of the collection, summed up with the recycled plastic bag head pieces, toilet roll accessories (maybe those can be left at home) and silver Bakewell Tart tins as oversized brooches. For fashion, London has long been the capital of ‘crazy’ (we prefer ‘creativity’), and Louise Gray is currently the undoubted queen of offbeat London style.

     ‘Hey Crazy’: summing up the vibrant, collective urban existence that can only be found only in London. 

All images from: www.vogue.co.uk


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