Sunday, 3 March 2013

Jennifer Lawrence: Dior's Perfect Woman?


         You just can’t escape Jennifer Lawrence at the moment. Following in the footsteps of model of the moment Cara Delavigne, who is simply, J-Law is most definitely the actress du jour.

    Following on from her Cinderella-esque tumble at the Oscars, and her endearingly normal, self-deprecating persona in front of the world’s press, the first shots of the actress for her latest role as the face of  Miss Dior handbags, the chic little sister of the Lady Dior bag, have firmly established J-Law as fashion and film's current First Lady.

           Ushering in a new era of a Raf Simons-headed Dior, the adverts are a departure from thedays when John Galliano headed the French fashion house. Sleek, simplified and structural,the recently released photos mirror Simons take on the extensive Dior archives:paring back the excessiveness of Galliano to reveal the true essence of Dior.The architectural, silken lines of the black blazer that Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed in is reminiscent of Dior’s decisive ‘New Look’, whilst alsoechoing the minimalism of designers such as Jil Sander, and even Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo. The net veil strongly speaks of Simons' current collaboration of the old and the new, the classic and the innovational,with the 50’s shape juxtaposing the more recent avant-garde headwear ofdesigners such Gareth Pugh and Martin Margiela.  

        JenniferLawrence could be described as the ideal figurehead of Dior under Raf Simons. The ultimate modern woman, she has the curves of a 50’s icon and a character so assured and self-confident that she, apparently, directed one of her entourage to fetch a McDonalds for her during the Oscars. Who better to spearhead the inimitable brand’s new ‘New Look’?

Images from: Vogue and US Magazine 


  1. Love this! J-Law is a role model worthy of the label.

  2. I like the pun! Thanks Chica! x

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