Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shoes, competitions and a little writing!

A few days ago I came across a competition on , a site I frequent almost as much as LookBook for its collection of stylish, creative, fashion people. I think I will always have this obsession with what other people, strangers on the street, are wearing; for outfit ideas as well as out of plain curiosity. Anyway, this is my entry to the sites competition to guest edit's new quarterly E-zine; as well as this you win $250 worth of shoes and a feature in Nylon magazine. Although the number of entries is of course massive, I thought that the opportunity the competition offers slightly outweighed this tiny fact!

"After years of endeavour to pin down my own precise style, I’ve decided that the key to my look is ambiguity; the ability to create individual outfits that can showcase the latest trends and quirks of fashion, without being inhibited by my own particular leanings. I am incredibly decisive when it comes to clothes and styling, ruthlessly so. I think this comes from the combination of high standards and a low budget; if a possible purchase does not immediately draw me in, or stimulate me to imagine numerous outfits, it is discarded. When creating outfits, I look for a certain symmetry in the clothes; that ‘je ne said quoi’ that makes the perfect ensemble. For me, this is an intriguing task that takes in colour combinations, the matching (or clashing) of prints, the cut of the clothes- and something else, something indescribable. The perfection of symmetry, of whichever kind, is what draws me to editing; the layout of a page, the bringing together of articles and themes and the creation of a fashion spread are what I find most interesting.

I am inspired by a mélange of things, for example by a designer’s collection, through art or literature, or by the outfits I see on the street. This season (Spring/Summer ’11) I love Chloé’s ballet inspired collection (must get my hands on pleated, chiffon, maxi skirt!), the warrior-women touches at Lanvin, the use of colour at both Jil Sander and Prada, and Richard Nicoll’s sheer layering. As a Brit, I am very proud of the design talent in this country: for seasons Erdem’s prints have made me swoon, and I feel that the ultra-modern allure of Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane bring an air of refreshment next to the well- established fashion houses. That said, Lanvin and its creative director Alber Elbaz has long been an inspiration for me; every six months he reveals a collection to die for, débuting innovative cuts and fabrics whilst staying faithful to the legacy of Jeanne Lanvin. As for shoes, I am seduced by both the practical and the sublime- Roger Vivier and Lara Bohinic for dramatic glamour, and the ‘Nella’ by Blowfish, for a more casual, ballet- inspired style.

As a fashion editor, I would have access to this world of history, innovation and constant change. Setting trends, pushing boundaries, inspiring others and creating new fashion ideals- that is what I aspire to be. I equally inspired by great writers- Lisa Armstrong, Colin McDowell- as I am by stylists such Emmanuelle Alt and Grace Coddington. I love how ever changing and developing fashion is, from the haute couturiers to the high street, providing me with intrigue, discovery and endless means for creativity, season after season. In the words of the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld: “I have no idea of the future - never, ever. That's what I like about fashion. It's paradise now.” "

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