Friday, 25 February 2011

The Best Video Around...

Firstly, a big apology for my (too) lengthy absence, things are rather hectic at the moment and I've barely had time to breath since my last post! But in the time since then I have:
  • Sat two exams, one good, one absolutely disastrous
  • Turned 18, and everything that goes with that little milestone!
  • Started to design/ plan my own handmade leather bag, a birthday present from my parents
  • Had an incredible weekend in London with my boyfriend, and went to a mini- festival at the Forum
  • Become incredibly obsessed with Sex and the City, another present!
  • Decided which university I will (hopefully!) be attending next year
  • And also, I've started taking Ballet classes again, after almost two years of nothing; before that I was dancing for hours each week from the age of 5!
Most importantly, in terms of fashion, I have several exciting new additions to my wardrobe! Unfortunately, I have also broken the camera that would allow you all to see said new outfits, so instead I'm giving you the best (forget Gaga!) video around at the moment... enjoy!


Video from, courtesy of the great Tommy Ton!

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