Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winter Skin Remedies

With January's wildly reknown reputation as the most depressing month of the year, it is not always easy to see the brighter things ahead (namely, summer). It's freezing, wet, dark, and you're in a perpetual spiral of feeling fat and comfort eating, to while away those mournful January nights. So, to combat these winter blues, I've decided to start a mini series of tiny, everyday things that you can do to put a positive slant on your day. First up: skin care.

The cold, wind and dry air of January do absolutely nothing for your skin. Combine this with the after effects of Christmas indulgence, and the chocolate that you self- prescribe to get through the winter months, and the outcome is really not good: tired, blotchy and dried out skin. As I am by no means an expert on this, (just have a look at my skin!), I have compiled an expert test group (my friends and flatmates) to reveal their ultimate winter skin remedies.

1) Avene's Skin Recovery Cream, 12.50

Apparently the wonder moisturiser, according to my flatmate. As a lifelong Clinique devotee, I find it hard to believe that anything could top their Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. However, said flatmate has tried both and pronounced Avene's as being the definitive skin rescuer. Plus, it's less than half the price of Clinique's wonder lotion. I think I may have to abdicate from my single- minded view of the benefits of Clinique!

2) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 27.00

That said, I adore Clinique's wonder moisturiser. It feels both light and concentrated, glides on like a dream and evens out all sorts of rough bits and red marks. Heaven in a bottle, as far as I'm concerned! The only problem is it's ridiculous price tag, which renders it out of the monetary reach of poverty stricken students (i.e. me). I have to wait for my mother to buy it for me as a birthday/ Christmas gift, and since I ran out last month my skin has really been struggling. That shows you how good it is, I suppose. But with my birthday is in exactly a week, my fingers are crossed...

3) Palmer's Coco Butter 5.70
Another flatmate smothers this classic cream all over her body, including her face, and swears that it's one of the only things that keeps away her eczema. In fact, most girls I know swear by it to give their legs a soft, delicious smelling sheen. So, use liberally all over your body to combat that dried out, dull winter skin, as well as perking yourself up with the irresistible chocolate smell! Yum.

4) Garnier B.B. (Blemish Balm) Cream 9.99

As yet untested (by my test group) if this does everything it claims to do , then it really is 'miracle' product. Apparently this will "even, cover, hydrate, illuminate and protect" your skin from the ravishes of winter weather. A combination of both a light coverage and skincare, this can be used as either an under- foundation primer, for a flawless finish, or as a light tinted moisturiser on its own. Ideal for both protecting your skin from the cold and wind, and providing the light, dewy, spring- like base that you so long for in winter.

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