Saturday, 31 December 2011

I Want...

I have many obsessions that come and go. Brogues. Shorts. Blazers, breton, bangles. My silver 'Amy' necklace that I wear as a nod to Carrie's ubiquitous gold version in Sex and the City. In fact, all those listed above are all things that I'm currently infatuated with, and funnily enough I can barely remember all those trends that I wore to the death in earlier days. Such is the nature of fashion, I suppose. However, I've recently become ridiculously obsessed with the jeweller Tom Binns, a fascination that is not going to go anywhere soon. He first appeared on my radar in perhaps 2008, with those inimitable zip earrings, but although I loved them then, at the tender age of 15 I was slightly scared off by the overtly punk image, S&M references and the 100 pounds + price tag.

However, four years on I've rediscovered Tom Binns and have fallen- completely, utterly and inimically- in love with his designs. The famous zip earrings I still covet, despite them being even more provocative now, and his pearl, diamond and safety pin chandelier versions from the 'Passive Attack' collection are objects of de-constructed beauty. His current collection features heavy, statement necklaces with flashes of neon perfect for pairing with that casual grey marl t- shirt, proving that the Irish designer has British punky edge down to perfection. I continue to be obsessed.

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