Thursday, 7 June 2012

Gold In The Air Of Summer

Just a quick post to show you my Cleopatra impersonation at my student hall's summer ball. I wish I had smiled properly, I look like I'm trying not to laugh at something behind the camera- the girl wearing the same dress as me perhaps? (A complete and utter NIGHTMARE, I had to be refrained from 'accidentally' spilling a glass of red wine down her front. I'm not quite sure why girls get so angry about this sort of thing, but judging by the angry glares passing between us the entire evening, we certainly did. By the way, she was wearing the completely wrong shoes and bag to go with the dress...) I'm wearing a TFNC dress, which can be found here, and thrifted wedges and jewellery.

Hair inspired by this little youtube video here:

She is so sweet! And the hair style is super easy, even by my poor standards.

Photo courtesy of my friend Charley (also in the photo), whose blog can be found here:

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