Wednesday, 13 June 2012

H&M Embraces the Avant-garde!

This winter H&M will be showcasing an influx of avant-garde, deconstructed and individual designs, brought to the public through an unforeseen collaboration with the mysterious fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.

The ultra-discreet 'maison', founded in 1988 by its retiring namesake (the Dutch designer is never photographed or appears after his fashion shows), will undoubtedly bring its own brand of conceptual design to the mainstream high street shop. Martin Margiela has never been known to conform to the sartorial- norm,   creating his clothes through deconstruction, allowing the creative process to visible upon the garments and playing with unusual proportions. Indeed, dresses in the house's S/S '12 collection were made from the re-creation of their pattern pieces, either in a multitude of sequins or through being encased in plastic.  

However, what is most intriguing is how these stimuli will be interpreted on a cheaper, mass-produced level; I await the collection, due to drop on November 15th, with baited breath!

Images all from
Maison Martin Margiela S/S '12
Maison Martin Margiela A/W '12
Maison Martin Margiela Men's A/W '12

So will there be a continuation of the deconstructed, hard/soft juxtaposition of silk, chiffon, leather and plastic seen in the S/S '12 collection? Or the masculine tailoring, leather inserts and muted colours of the winter examples? One thing's for sure, I think we'll be seeing plenty of funnel necks:

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