Monday, 2 April 2012

Pajamas and Jesus Sandals

So here I am, making a triumphant return to the blogosphere in an outfit entitled jesus- in- pajamas- attempting- to- look- nonchalant- on- a- farm. No I am not Jesus, but I am wearing PJ trousers and I am on a farm. Well, technically they're not actual real life PJs, they're some trousers I picked up in Forever 21 in an attempt to master the 'pajamas as daywear' look that's so now, darling. They're pretty awesome for £14.99 I've gotta say....but impossible to style. You'd think graphic monochrome tailored trousers would be easy to work with, but I'd far rather prefer some vibrant, print smashing, esoteric wonders from the likes of Stella McCartney or JW Anderson. Print clashing, for those who want to know, is actually pretty simple to achieve. The clues in the name really. That wild clash of tie-die, paisley and cats' eyes sunnies is a real sartorial winner, I assure you; just pile it all on, artfully dishevel your hair and boom.Outfit done. As for this look? Graphic monochrome tailored trousers go with nothing, you'll find. Apart from a plain cobalt vest and Jesus sandals, that is.

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  1. i love your blog. your style&vibe are great. would love it if youd check mine out and follow me back if youd like. Thanks!