Friday, 27 April 2012

Summer Dreaming: The Perfect Wardrobe

      With the university year drawing to a close and the only things occupying our minds are last minute essay deadlines and the looming exams, it’s safe to say we all need a little escapism from the correct use of the subjunctive, and all those relative pronouns.

    And what better way to use all the spare time during revision procrastination than with the planning your summer travels? Or, even better, the planning of your summer travelling wardrobe.

     Whether you’re InterRailing around the capitals of Europe, dancing your heart out in Ibiza or backpacking around the eastern Mediterranean, (Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro are the new France, Italy and Spain) it’s vital that you inject your holiday wardrobe with the same adventurous spirit that you have whilst planning your travels.

From African tribal prints to nostalgic 50s silhouettes, to the sporty surfer trend, there is something for everyone this summer. So kick back, put those exams out of your mind for just one moment more….and start dreaming of sun kissed skin, endless horizons and the open road.

Sandals, £40, Office
Printed Dress, £65, Warehouse
Sunglasses, £12, ASOS
Bralet, £24, Topshop
Shorts, £14.99, H&M
Swimsuit, £19.99 H&M
Top, £18, River Island
Tie-die Dress, £35, Topshop

p.s. I originally wrote this article for my university's languages magazine, The Linguist, of which I am the Life & Style editor (and co-founder, wooop!) Check us out at

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