Monday, 16 April 2012

The Wish List

Bag: ASOS Bowler Bag £40
Dress: Topshop Tie- die dress £35
Jeans: Acne £190
Sunnies: Alexander Wang £237
Shorts: Lover, £225
Stilettos: Zara, £29.99
Dungarees: Topshop, £38
Slipper shoes: ASOS, £30

Just a quick little wish list to let you know what's floating my boat at the moment. I actually (this morning!) bought the leopard print slipper shoes, which I am totally and utterly obsessed with. I'm also planning on buying the black Zara stilettos as soon as I return to the big city; I can feel my bank account wincing at the very thought. As for the Acne, Wang and Lover pieces, they are more for inspiration than for giving me any hope at all that I could buy them. (Although if I had the money...) I actually prefer the dungarees I've pasted below, but the picture didn't fit in with the style of my lovingly- crafted collage! They're from Pret-a-portabello, and you may see them on this blog very soon!

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